Black pepper crabs, Chilli crabs, BBQ Sambal Stingray, and many more seafood delights.
Welcome to Singapore!

I recently discovered Singapore has got more than a thousand reason to be a classic holiday destination, apart from the airport and the Marina bay (and other tall buildings ofcourse). No other fishing village in the world grew like the way Singapore did, to become a global city. Airports welcome you to a city and gives the first impression of a country and Changi has got everything in it to set an example. It has got the world’s longest slide to good restaurants, Gaming arcades to a rooftop pool where you can take a dip with a glass of Caipirinha before you board your flight home.

The reason why I am dying to go there is food, SIMPLE STREET FOOD actually. It is good, cheap and a decent breakfast costs you less than 2$ ( at Hawker street) and you can choose from roasted chicken to a bowl of cereals (It has got everything).There is food everywhere(and anytime of the day) which would make anyone happy and it is unbelievably cheap.
There are other reasons too. Singapore has a very low crime rate, has a green cover of more than 50%, and a truly world class public transport system. It costs you a bomb to get a car there, 100,000 $ for a license contract (a piece of paper)for 10 years!! The only megalopolis in the world where traffic jams feature as newspaper headlines!

One can choose to end their day at the Sky park, Marine bay sands. A dip in the infinity pool wouldn’t be bad over a drink. Great view!

The only bad thing about Singapore is the weather. If you are planning a trip down to the city during this time of the year, you would end up smelling like rotten fish in the hot and humid weather.
There is a food festival coming up in the third week of July or I would definitely prefer a visit during the winters.

(Food in picture: Almond crumbed chicken schnitzel with potato salad and caramel asparagus, courtesy: Cuisine paradise blog)


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