Slow food, good foodA day off from work and I hit the kitchen with my friend, Mashun.

A great day indeed, I must say there is something wonderful about picking up some fresh calamari from the nearby local market (the nearest ocean being a good 1700 miles away) and preparing/cooking it slowly while enjoying the whole thing in this god-awful heat of New Delhi. There is sense of delight along with some un-comfort (cleaning up calamari or squid is one hell of a job, it is disgusting and time taking) but the end result turned out to be some really good looking golden fried calamari rings (dipped in batter) on some Asiatic greens.

The spread consisted of sweetbread curry (Rin, Mash’s sister is a brilliant cook. Did a fantastic job with the sweetbread), rice with some explosive chilli from the north east and the über refreshing Caipirinha (the national drink of Brazil) coupled with finely diced green apples.
God! That was one sumptuous meal.

Though there was nothing very outlandish apart from the fact the spread had stuff from various corners of the country/world, what made it really special was the effort. In this age of fast food when food is always a phone call away, we often tend to forget the joy of cooking and relishing it till the very last bite.


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