The food scene in Delhi is booming!

It has grown tremendously in the past decade and it is going to grow even more, no matter how the world economy fares. New Delhi is not just the political capital of the country, but NCR is also turning out to be a food capital and in a few years it could well turn out to be a global hotspot for foodies. And why not? Two restaurants from Delhi got featured in the Foodie Top 100 (a list of world’s 100 best restaurants released by glam media) Bukhara (no points for guessing this one correctly) and the brilliant Indian Accent in Friends Colony. The only other restaurant from India which got featured is Karavalli from Bengaluru. I haven’t been to Karavalli yet, but I think Indian Accent and Bukhara deserves the honor without any doubt.

Also if you are thinking that three is a small number for a country as huge as ours, I must say things are changing and we would definitely have a lot more by 2020.

Keeping this ranking game aside, what is the thing missing in Delhi?

Hidden bars!
By hidden bars I don’t mean dance bars where you do illicit activities, but places with no signage and zero promotion!

Today I was going to Hauz Khas village with a bunch of friends for lunch, what I felt that restaurants and cafes in the village scream for attention. Huge banners and billboards hanging from the trees along the driveway trying to convert visitors into potential customers. I get freaking confused!

But what I really think the village needs, is a Hidden bar. Similar, along the lines of Please don’t tell in New York. I love the concept of Please don’t tell.
When you walk down, St Marks place in New York you will find the Crif Dogs restaurant. Enter the restaurant and walk down a few steps you would find a phone booth. Get in the booth, pick up the phone from the cradle and press the buzzer JUST once. A lady answers the phone and after approval the wall of the booth opens to let you into a small waterhole.

The place has fantastic cocktails and you can always order for a dog from Crif’s. You would feel really cool while you’re over there!
Although some may say opening a Hidden bar could be a bad idea and a risky investment, I must also mention that this hidden phone booth waterhole has a huge base of frequent visitors and the idea has been hailed my business gurus too. (Read an article on Linkedin a few days back) So I’ll definitely be a frequent visitor if such a waterhole opens here soon.

If you’re in New York, you can call at (212)614.0386 for reservations or else if you’re in Delhi, you can wait for one to open!


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