As a travel freak I love to just sit on a vehicle and go somewhere. Any place, anywhere in this beautiful world for any damn reason. Umm.. well this time I would rather say not just any reason! Any reason other than business travel. I don’t really complain about outrageously planned business trips (as I love my work and am probably too young to complain at 21) , talking about frequent flier miles and enjoying a drink by the pool under the stars with an extreme urge to jump into the clear water (But time didn’t allow me to do so).

No matter how special your client may try to make you feel; by sending a smartly dressed chauffeur at the airport (with your name tag), booking a room with a great view and providing you with a complimentary spa treatment, business trips are like sitting on a table with cholesterol rich foods when you have already suffered from a couple of heart attacks. You have everything at your disposal but at the same time you can hardly enjoy any of the luxuries. All I can do is to thank my client for the hospitality.

In the last thirty six hours I’ve spent twelve hours commuting, more than nine hours on making presentations, around six hours at the meeting and three hours sitting at the airport. I slept for three hours. Such is life!

Nonetheless as my plane cruises closer towards the destination through some mid air turbulence, Natasha(air hostess, yeah she was cute) asks me to put the tray table back and turn off my laptop for a bumpy ride ahead. I conclude this business trip with a smile as I still got around an hour and a half to enjoy.

Cheers to travel. Inbound IGI, T3.
Time is probably the best luxury I can ask for, I would say its more like a desire…


3 thoughts on “Business travel vs Leisure travel

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