According to me food courts are probably one of the most confusing places a person would find himself/herself ‘lost’ too often. Try visualizing an evening in the nearby mall. You’d notice some dudes getting their pictures clicked in front of a lingerie store window or girls pouting in front of a campaign featuring Beckham or Nadal in underwear. Annoying kids stumbling at your feet and over hyped eateries swarming with nincompoops.
Nonetheless getting back to the topic, another place where you would find people pouring in would definitely be the food court. A place where you can least enjoy the food you pay for and literally test your physical abilities while finding a place to sit (happens in countries like India where population growth seems to be the only positive growth). I HATE food courts,  you get confused thinking what to eat right from the moment you step in and  the food is normally crap.  I think food is more than just the stuff you shove in your mouth, it should smell good too. In an overcrowded food court you get to smell the arresting odour of colorful synthetic drinks or ice creams from the Mcdonald’s kiosk and a thousand other things, when you plan on savoring on something completely different, dumplings for say (which is again over or undercooked)
Isn’t that just wrong?
Imagine a steak smelling like curd or cupcakes smelling like fish! You’d never eat them if such things happen at any other place, but in a food court we tend to accept the unacceptable and eat the food we can’t possibly eat otherwise. I would rather say order a shawarma from a street side joint and go mad smelling the chicken getting cooked in the oven or if you’re in a mood to splurge, get in a good restaurant and order a sumptuous spread, enjoy the meal and recommend the place to the people you like.


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