Rava dosa

In this age of big data, microsecond trading and fast food, going slow is a luxury you can’t afford even if your bank balance lets you get everything in life starting from yachts to private jets with interiors made out of solid gold. The deeper your pockets run, the less affordable it becomes. So there is still something money can’t buy, i.e time.

Yesterday I got to enjoy the beauty of time slowing down (something which will be completely out of my reach ten years from now) and it was quite an experience! I went for breakfast to a Carnatic place near my neighbourhood. It is a very decent restaurant with a silly menu but simple food.

I was welcomed by some fantastic Carnatic music (Neither too loud to interrupt a conversation nor too slow to make you feel lonely). I chose a seat near the window which overlooked the road, but the sun rays filtering in through the leaves of the tree outside and seeing an old man read a newspaper (he was actually playing crosswords) while savouring on idli sambar made me feel that time has actually slowed down. Normally the restaurant runs on capacity but early in the morning there was no one else except the old man.

I ordered a rava (semolina) dosa (fermented crêpe/ pancake) and some mint flavoured buttermilk, the dosa had a really good filling but as usual was too oily and the buttermilk was too sweet for my liking. But getting the feel of time slowing down in this madness of Delhi convinced me enough to leave a tip of 20%, not for the food but for the experience I went through.


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