The sound of a train pulling out of a station, the buzz of a vibrating aircraft while it takes off, the screeching sound of a bus coming to a long halt and a ship leaving the harbor are some of the sounds I love hearing . It means you are traveling!

We remember quite a few sounds and tend to recognize them easily without seeing what’s actually happening. But I have noticed that there are a few things which sound uncannily similar, yet are very different in other ways are as follows:

> Sound of burning twigs, slow crumbling of a nice and fresh paper and falling snow.
> Extended hum of a mosquito, buzz of a tattoo machine.
> Inserting a floppy disk in a drive and loading a toaster.
> Boiling milk or water and curtains flying in strong wind.
And there are many more which I am yet to discover.

Every city sounds different, because of the way it is built, language the people speak, attitude the people carry, the lifestyle they lead, the green cover it has and there are many more reasons. So when I travel sometimes I just keep my eyes shut and listen to the nature playing tricks on me. The guessing game of what is actually what can be really fun!

You tend to explore a place in a completely different way.

Try it out.
Blindfold yourself and spend a few hours somewhere (preferably a new place) and see how interesting the world is, how things which look, feel, smell and taste the same can sound so different or vice versa.

Listen to the linked video ( below) with your eyes closed and then watch it.
Video link: Game over!


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