travel 2

There comes a surreal moment in every trip, when we sit quiet in awe. A moment which words fail to describe, senses fail to comprehend and thus a feeling which becomes unforgettable. I have gone through quite a few such moments during the last four years in college. Be it rafting down a turbulent river, playing cards with friends in a tent under the sky filled with a million stars, crazy scooty rides in Goa and seeing the best sunrise ever in Pondicherry. They were flawless in their own ways and left us all dumbfounded.

Having been on four trips so far during the last four years in college- with friends (doesn’t include solo trips etc) which makes it to one trip per year, I feel really good when I look back. Though I almost died in Goa (I met with a bike accident smack in the middle of the road), came crashing down a hill in Muksteshwar (I saw my friends’ reactions after I got up, I think they thought I’d be dead!) and embers went into my eyes (I had a feeling that I would lose my eyesight forever) but those days were probably the best days.

With college about to finish in less than ten days from now I feel things have changed enormously, people have started working, leisure trips have transformed into business trips (which my brother rightly says are nothing but a longer commute to work, read: Business travel vs Leisure travel) etc . Nevertheless, the best and the craziest one is coming up in about three weeks from now! Trips have only gotten better so the fifth and the final one, could well be something extraordinarily good. I prefer not planning trips at all, I pick up two set of clothes, wear a good pair of shoes (for long walks) and carry a book to read and I am sorted.

I am looking forward to this grad trip like a trophy, three days of madness with a bunch of great friends can actually give me a feeling that I should give up my job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love (again) and never return. Unfortunately I am probably going to miss this trophy as I would be on a business trip then, which would (t)rip off my happiness.


p.s: I don’t hate my job but I hate missing trips.


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