The restaurant scene in the major Indian metros are booming. Fine dining restaurants are cropping up in every locality and it has clearly revolutionized the way people eat. Indian restaurateurs have followed the French, beautifying the food on the plate and giving scented napkins in the end to wipe hands.

I appreciate this change and such things are necessary (I guess) to keep the business afloat. But I had a pleasant surprise last week in Bangalore, my clients took us out for lunch at Nagarjuna on the Residency road (the oldest in the Nagarjuna chain of restaurants). There was a huge waiting outside and the wait was worth every damn penny.

A simple (Andhra) restaurant in terms of décor, but it completely blew my mind when the waiter placed a fresh green plantain leaf in front of me and served water in steel glasses (If you really want to quench your thirst then drink chilled water from a steel glass) . It set the stage for what was about to come! The biryani I ordered though was a little dry but was far better than what we eat in the north and the meat was perfectly smoked. The pepper chicken along with it made the whole thing a chef d’oeuvre.

The waiter requested me to eat with my hands and I happily did so. The meal was good and they gave us finger bowls in the end to wash our greasy fingers (A must if you are having Indian food with hand, licking and wiping them in towel are of no use).

It was a memorable lunch, more than food I liked the way they served on plantain leaves, perfectly chilled water in steel glasses, eating with hands and the finger bowl in the end. A way of eating which I had almost forgotten and I appreciate my client’s gesture for taking us out for such a memorable lunch instead of making us eat that 30 minute delivery crap.

p.s : I didn’t have my camera to click a better picture of the food.


2 thoughts on “The Indian way of eating

  1. I read your blogpost. Its sad, that you had to struggle so much to get Biryani. But I don’t think you should stop liking Biryani for that!
    Finding good biryani is worth all the effort you put in, that’s what I believe 🙂

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