“Just book a ticket and leave,” it gives me a feeling that words may fail to describe. Yes, I am a sucker when it comes to travel.

Looking out of the window, the feeling of being anonymous in a completely new place and having a relaxed mind makes me feel why traveling is one of the biggest reasons why life is worth living.

Travel gives me a high like nothing else. A span of time when each and every moment makes me stand back in awe and realize how beautiful the world is. This Sunday I embark on a journey (with a bunch of friends) to mark the end of four glorious years of college and a new beginning. A trip that has been left completely unplanned, without a destination. I plan on carrying an extra set of clothes, little amount of money, a good pair of walking shoes, camera and my small notebook. The window seat ( graduation trip) as I call it, is less than 48 years hours away.

Watch out this space for more.


One thought on “The window seat

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