If you like grunge warehouses, vintage furniture, quiet places, the smell of fresh paint and raw wood then Sharma farm is a must visit for you. Located in Chattarpur, this sprawling farm house can accommodate around thirty football fields and their collection can make your jaw drop open! With the intention of picking up some nice furniture for our new studio space near Qutub Minar, I didn’t expect this Sunday to turn out this surprising.

Though some of the stuff were really expensive, but I think they are worth every penny for the craftsmanship that have gone in making them. With a collection ranging from bell jars to chandeliers, bar tables to freaking boats the place has everything lying around freely in the open and some even out in the rain getting wet…
I also liked around fifty pieces of furniture (I know that’s a lot and the total cost of all fifty of them were coming around twenty lakh rupees) ranging from chandeliers to bar tables for a small house where I am planning to shift in next month! Though I still don’t know where I will be staying but looking for furniture for my house was a lot of fun and I would definitely buy a vintage table or a kitchen cabinet from here.

So the next time when you are confused about how to spend a Sunday in a different way, you can plan a visit to this quiet corner of Delhi and watch stuff getting made, smell the place, walk around and watch peacocks dance in the rain. I am sure you’d also have a long list of furniture to buy like I do. 🙂


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