It’s a weekday today. Just another day to get up in the morning – go for work, come back, get enough time to recharge myself and leave for work again the next morning. Though work seems quite fun at times, but after coming back home I normally feel tired (of thinking) and lazy. I spend time reading, being on the phone, sometimes I go out… But my new found thrill is midnight running (and occasionally swimming). Though I only get to swim during this hour of the day while being on trips, but runs are more regular and I love going for a run in the middle of the night.

Yes it may sound a bit weird, but find me a nice and quiet neighbourhood in any city and I would put on my running shoes and hit the road, no matter how tired I am. I like clean and wide roads, devoid of humans and good music for company. The only things I am careful about are stray dogs and fast moving vehicles. But the road on which I run is next to a reserved forest and there is hardly any traffic during this time of the day. So for me it’s not just a run, but I do whatever I feel like. Lying down smack in the middle of the road, dancing with the music on while running (I haven’t seen anyone seeing me). It’s a lot of fun! A five kilometre run in the night in absolute silence, under looming tall trees of the forest with no one around followed by a refreshing bath (rain shower and try cucumber body scrub) can be uplifting. If you really want to get more out of it, then switch off the lights in your bathroom and light a few candles for a better experience.

But today I ended the day in a far better way, with a revitalizing dive in a clear pool. Going for a midnight swim, after a long day at work and a tiring run and settling down at the bottom of the pool for those few seconds, was like a quiet celebration for me. For a golden touch to it I ended my day with a cup of catnip tea (a great muscle relaxer)

So if you are still trying your level best to get up in the morning and go for a run with a thousand other people (like I tried and failed) then you should try and make it more thrilling in the night, alone. Yeah, being alone is where the thrill lies…


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