When was the last time you got all excited about something, what someone else is going to experience? This happens to me quite frequently. Passion being my favorite emotion, I love it when I see someone’s eyes getting all lit up when they talk about something they love doing. I tend to imagine, how I would feel if I go through such an experience. It’s like poetry, it’s wonderful! Some people talk about choosing a new career, getting a job, going on a trip, meeting the love of their lives, achievements and what not. I tend to get lost between those verses. It sends me to a world I haven’t explored before. Those eyes inspire me, words make me dream and those unfolding emotions make me feel the experience the person is or will be going through. Normally I shake hands with them or give them a hug, wish them all the best for their endeavors and be happy.

Today was one of those brilliant days and I felt like writing about it. Being in the college for four years, having the best of times together, laughing over lamest of things, considering simple street food as Michelin star worthy and the only friend in life (till date) with whom I had a verbal fight with, (not a bad one, but a small stupid one) this friend of mine- a very talented and inspiring woman, had her poem awaiting to make this Sunday more beautiful.

A little scared about venturing out to take a small step towards her dreams, she told me about her assignment on chat. A little scared, a lot of excitement and a grand show was that all she knew. Two months away from home, in a different city, with a set of different people, different air to breathe, food to eat and the list is endless. Leading a different life for sixty days which leads to a grand celebration by the sea, under the stars. I got lost in those thoughts, where I could see a beacon awaiting to get lit on top of faraway mountain, as a symbol of hope. The path that leads to the mountain is treacherous, with a few hot springs on the way to keep the hopes alive in the freezing weather. I could see the view, it was unearthly! I could see my friend with those flint stones in her hand gazing into the vast space in front and in those eyes I could see the flame of the beacon rise like a wild fire, something I have never seen before. An inferno!

Viniyata, that beacon made me write this. Map your journey. All the best. 🙂


One thought on “Someone else’s dreams…

  1. Thank You Jeet! This is just so beautifully written, it makes me want to relive every moment of that fear, that anticipation I felt when I told you about this new endeavour.

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