Though visiting a new place, meeting new people and eating authentic cuisines gives me a high, but I somehow never really get tired of visiting Mumbai (over and over again). Despite the filth, overcrowded trains, god awful traffic snarls and minutely planned business trips, the city has got its own zest which gives a me boost of energy and happiness. In about four days from now, I’d be in the city for my first exhibition design project and I am looking forward to have a gala time, even if I get less than an hour to sit by the sea.

A love to sit quietly and stare at the vast expanse of the sea with the shimmering lights of the faraway containers ships bordering the horizon, it creates a beautiful contrast of its own right next to this dense concrete jungle. Though I’d be there for exactly fifty two hours, but I can’t wait to see the waves crash at Marine drive or Bandstand, have the best Pav Bhaji at Shiv Sagar. The butter garlic crab at Trishna, a walk down Colaba in the evening followed by drinks at Leopold. I am also looking forward to drive down the sea link and to end things with, a perfect evening at the Jehangir art gallery. Sadly I might not have the time to do everything I’ve mentioned here, but I don’t want to miss out on sailing this time from Apollo Bunder.
I am excited!

Illustration by Bawa 😀


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