eat like the locals

When it comes to traveling its not just about seeing a place with new eyes, meeting great people or getting lost. But eating the way the locals eat make simple meals memorable. The world is beautiful with so many people to meet, so many paths to walk on, so many different cuisines to try out and so much to see, hear, smell and touch.

But this is something I always do when I travel. Eat like the locals do. They find it amusing, and I consider them as experiences worth remembering. Similarly today’s lunch was something of that sort. The people who were there with me belonged from different parts of the world and I made them eat Indian food. It was quite fun to watch them try and eat the way we do. The way they treat the food so differently, the way they dip the roti (bread) in the daal (lentil soup) or that blank expression when I asked them to couple the parathas (deep fried stuffed bread) with dahi (yoghurt). Incredible!

The food was ordinary but the whole fun and chaos on the table wasn’t! 😉


2 thoughts on “Eat like the locals

    • That’s great!!
      I was in Pune last week, couldn’t try the local cuisines but I loved the place.
      Do let me know if you come to Delhi, would love to recommend a few great places.

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