the imporance of the second wine

Boys’ night out, business dinner or a date – no evening is complete without some of the best spirits around. Be it uncorking a bottle of Santa Margherita (Prosecco) by hitting its bottom – when you and your friends are too drunk to find the corkscrew, some fine Pinot Noir for business dinner or the very glamorous and seductive Moët Rosé Imperial / Sauvignon Blanc on a date. Wine selections could be tricky and a wrong choice can have strong repercussions. (You CAN’T order a red wine if you are eating fish. Red goes well with meat, white goes well with fish)
With a bare minimum knowledge in this field, yet a huge desire to learn I always consider a small discussion with a pro before taking a call, be it the sommelier or the host I don’t feel shy to ask questions to make my dinner perfect. As I have noticed people feel good when you seek their advice on wines. So I always ask before making a move…

“Picking out wine is like, doing your taxes: Sure you could do a decent job yourself, but you will get a bigger return if you ask a pro”
Adam Rothstein.

At a dinner, a few days back, I understood the sheer magic of wine selection more importantly the significance of the second bottle! My host undeniably had a very fine taste and great stories to tell about the drink he got us served. Though he was more than twice my age and has been in the industry for more than twenty five years now, I envied him for the knowledge he had. With the fine wine, the stories he shared left me in awe. The selection of wines and the company was appreciated by all. It was a great dinner, but the wines gave a certain upgrade.

To start with, we had round of simple and light; Prosecco. I love this particular wine. Proseccos are great – doesn’t require any discussion about fermentation, vintage, non vintage and all that jazz and are inexpensive.
The Prosecco was ordered just to douse our thirsts and the second bottle was meant for the magic! We are normally more relaxed after the first bottle, away from all the deadlines, conference calls and stress of the day. The body starts loosening a little and wine builds on the food and the conversation. Though the first bottle was simple the second one was more profound which displayed the sophistication. A fine Burgundy premier was served as the second drink, which actually made me the write, this post. This particular wine was undeniably one of the best I’ve ever had. It was sheer magic! A brilliant red wine with tenderloin steak made it the perfect dinner. The host was successful (as always) in throwing a great dinner party, with great choices of wine. Even though the food was also good, but I chose not to talk about the food here. Both the bottles gave us multiple oenophilic orgasms.
Having said that, it’s fun to give oenophiles a good time. They always say the truth at the end of the dinner. Either you are good or bad. If I would have been the host, I couldn’t have afforded the Burgundy premier or a Châteauneuf-du-Pape with really shallow pockets. I would have rather gone for something old and not so common with an interesting history to it! History adds a silver lining I believe…


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