Wake up, make breakfast, make lunch, have breakfast, shower, dress up and leave for work. That’s how I spent the first few hours on weekdays. I‘ve stopped putting the alarm on snooze, started reading the morning news  while commuting and by the end of the day I am too tired to read the magazines and books that have been piling up next to my bed  for over a month now. Sleep and time both are the most valuable things I look forward to, even though I like being on a routine and I like the work I do.

So Saturday’s my favorite day, wake up late and do your own thing without any compromise- which generally includes reading, cooking, thinking and (I’ve been dying to include travel in that list too) sleep without an alarm!

Last Saturday was a great one, too! My brother was in town after a year and I had some good company for brunch. He being a brilliant cook, wanted to some create magic in the kitchen I was more than happy to step back and let him lead.

We made:

Pan seared lamb chops with rosemary and garlic, ratatouille and got some nice red wine from the neighborhood market.

Cooked to perfection, the lamb was flawless- tender and succulent. The hint of rosemary, garlic and flaming it with mint in the end did wonders to it. Presentation wise though it could have been better (as good food becomes better when presented well) but the sheer softness of the meat nourished my soul more than my stomach.

Ratatouille needed my brother’s expertise, as cooking veggies isn’t easy and the effort showed. He is a player with the knives and the chopping board, it’s good to watch someone chop the zucchini uniformly and slice the tomatoes with so much care. The rhythmic sound of the knife hitting chopping board at equal time intervals made me stand up and see, what was actually happening in my kitchen. The way the veggies were cleanly divided and kept on the plate I knew what was coming up. The aroma of the herbs, the presentation on the plate and seeing the colorful food getting cooked made me go whaaaa! I was asked to taste and give him a feedback; I was speechless so I gave him a thumb up.

The meat and the ratatouille were coupled with some nice warm Focaccia and red wine. It was indeed a magical brunch and a Saturday I won’t forget anytime soon.To me it was more like an experience for us than just having food. As I realized we indulged with all our five senses- the taste, the sight of the good food, the smell, the sound of the meat being flamed and the texture of the food (touch). Phew!

I learnt one thing: You can master your meat cooking skills with a few trail and errors but to make good veggies, in this case a ratatouille you really need to love cooking!

Check out my brother’s (Subhojit) blog:


He makes sound “sound better” professionally, a blogger, birder, photographer, painter, traveler, a brilliant cook. In short- a gentleman 🙂


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