The feeling of stepping out of the house to explore a new place, is something beyond any possible explanation. As, often in one of those rickety buses, coldest nights and quietest place we realize how beautiful the world is and how small we are!

This picture was taken during one of the recent weekend trips to Northern Himachal Pradesh, India.

One of the best weekends till date, as I roamed around in the woods, stared at the distant mountain range and the infinite sky; relished a simple meal of daal (lentil soup) and rice near a fire.Β I was overwhelmed by the quietness of the place right in the middle of a thickly forested wildlife sanctuary. The contrast of being away from home during Diwali (one of the loudest festivals in India), sitting in the middle of nowhere under a beautiful starry night sky where the only sound I could register was that of my own heart beat and breath!

For the love for travel and quiet places, quote by Anthony Bourdain.


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