Being an avid traveler, escape is my favorite verb. It feels like I am setting myself free from the shackles of my routine life and I step into the world which creates memories, makes me feel younger and happier.

Waking up to a tropical sunrise on a beach or pulling the zip of your sleeping bag after a tiring trek at great heights always create the best memories. Even though travel might not be pleasing at times, I’ve met with a few accidents, lost my belongings etc, but escape takes happiness to a all new level like nothing else. So whenever I get a chance, be it carrying my orange backpack to go to the mountains, or to pull across my travel trolley on the tarmac before boarding a flight on a business trip, I always look forward to escape.

I think its not just a scenic place which fascinates me now, I thoroughly enjoy eating the local food wherever I go (the way the locals do), talk to them, watch their cultural events and during business trips, eating out with my clients in a different city or meeting someone at the cafe or at the bar always makes me think how small I am an how amazing the world is…


6 thoughts on “ESCAPE

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  2. I honestly agree. Traveling to India was truly an escape from my daily routine. I learned so much about myself as well as my culture. I believe as a citizen of the world, it is our jobs to travel and learn about the different cultures that are out there.

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