Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Soumyajit (friends call me Jeet) a space/industrial designer based out of New Delhi. This blog is a medium of relaxation for me, I like to write and share my thoughts and would also love to sit and discuss with anyone when it comes to travel and food. Meeting new people, making new friends, eating and traveling always excite me. I’ve a lot of stories to tell, they come directly from my heart and I write exactly the way I think and keep it simple.

I want to travel and explore the world, eat anything edible and meet new people. These things make me really happy.

Apart from the blog. I love my job, I’m also a professional (fashion and travel) photographer and I sometimes play rugby whenever possible. I love listening to music, helping people and making them laugh.

I believe in happiness. I’ve a great family, really amazing and talented friends, great colleagues and they are a big reason for my happiness and this blog.

Thanks for your time,
Have a great day πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there… went through some of your blog posts. Shall comment individually on the ones I liked reading. You clearly are in love with travelling. However, that romance seems little incomplete in the blog..leaves the reader wanting for more. Long posts are a turn off but short yet informative is what blog readers look for. And create categories or clouds so that the reader can choose what interests him/her.
    Keep blogging and keep travelling!

  2. Thanks for finding me on WordPress. Just glanced through your blog – looks like I’m going to enjoy reading your posts! But first I must head off on a short road trip…

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